Where do we go from here?

Welcome to the CEO’s Corner.  Thoughts from Diligent Fruit’s owner; thoughts are my own, etcetera, etcetera. This was not the topic I wanted my first posting to be concerning.  So here we are, President Elect Trump; wow, still caught off guard.  Let’s get right now to the contextual topic of this site.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) there will be major economic turmoil if we just ditch the ACA for Trumps Seven Point Plan.

1. A complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, as no citizen should be forced to buy health insurance.

So there you have it, repeal, repeal, repeal.  I have more to say but will cover it at a later point.

2. Congress should break down state barriers to allow insurance companies to offer plans in any state, as long as the plan is in compliance with state requirements.

This only benefits the profitability of the healthcare industry; while  competition will increase, it will not be in the favor of the consumer.  Repeal of the ACA would also mean the protection from ‘denial of pre-existing diagnoses’ would no longer apply.  Those needing healthcare the most would not be able to get coverage.

3. Give people the ability to deduct insurance premium payments from taxes, as businesses are already allowed this deduction. Further, Trump pushes for a review of Medicaid options to make sure everyone who wants healthcare coverage is able to afford it.

First, this would only apply after a certain percentage of income level is met for the deduction on taxes to begin for any healthcare deduction.  Medicaid only plays to a certain level of income.  Turning over the hopeful responsiveness of increasing Medicaid coverage to the states has legacy of being reduced.  In the case of Republican goventorial leadership, Medicaid is purposefully reduced.

4. Establish tax-free Health Savings Accounts, which could become part of an individual’s estate and passed on to heirs without an estate penalty. Additionally, all family members can use the account without penalty.

This simply does not make any sense.  Mixing estate with healthcare economically does not make sense.  I want to say more but I cannot find anything of benefit to speak.

5. Trump calls for price transparency from providers and hospital organizations, to allow individuals to shop for the best prices on treatments.

The list of what prices a hospital or health system is called a ‘Fee Schedule’  This document is a highly confidential document that is never shared outside of the finance departments in the organization.  While I agree to transparency for the reason of competition and price comparing, healthcare organizations will fight this in court until the end of days.  Secondly healthcare has great lawyers, the government will have a hard time when lobbyists are employed on Capital Hill to prevent this from happening.  It will never happen when Republicans favor the rich CEOs of the healthcare organizations.

6. Medicaid should be handled on the state level, including incentives, to ‘preserve our precious resources.’

First off, Medicaid is fully operated by each individual state; Medicare is federally operated and funded.  Secondly, the Affordable Care Act recommended to the states to increase Medicaid funding.  Repeating myself in point three:  “Medicaid only plays to a certain level of income.  Turning over the hopeful responsiveness of increasing Medicaid coverage to the states has legacy of being reduced.  In the case of Republican goventorial leadership, Medicaid is purposefully reduced.”

7. Break down barriers that prevent drug providers of less expensive, safe products from entering the free market. And consumers should be allowed access to safe, imported drugs from overseas.

This sounds good at first but there is something called the FDA.  The FDA can barely perform the job currently due to resource limits.  Most ‘Big Pharma’ perform their own studies that can be somewhat biased to their own endeavors.  The FDA will accept the results of the studies as part of the clinical tries requirements but do not have the funding to perform independent studies.  This is just for drugs created and produced in the United States; we simply do not have the resources to ensure over sea’s drug manufactures are meeting the less then stringent processes that our over burdened FDA is currently facing.  While this proves like a great idea, it will not work; especially when the ill start dying to due to poorly produced medications.

And there you have it folks, the debunked Trump Seven Point Healthcare Plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It’s alarming that the plan for our nation’s future of healthcare after ACA is laid out in three less than thought out plans.  With a Republican House, Senate, Executive Office and soon to be SCOTUS, we are in a lot of trouble.  My heart weeps for the future of those that will have their healthcare ripped from their needy hands.  ~ RCM


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