We Have a DHMSM Winner….

The Department of Defense (DoD) made an announcement this afternoon on the winner of the winner of the DoD’s DHMSM (Dim-Sum) Project.  The forth coming announcement was originally noted by the CTO of Evans U.S. Army Hospital that the DHMSM winner would be mentioned by the end of July (this week).

Opening of the envelope, please….and the DHMSM winner is….


Cerner in partnership with Leidos and Accenture


I am sure that I can speak on the behalf of many in Healthcare IT market that the belief would have been Epic Systems being the winner.  This blogger is still completely caught off guard as I ran from the subway as fast as I could to get home and pass on the news.  More to come on this topic soon as part of the “On The Road To DHMSM.


As announced by Healthcare IT News:   DoD awards Cerner, Leidos, Accenture EHR contract