“On The Road to DHMSM” – The Favored One

The end of July is this Friday.   Allegedly, an announcement will be made by the Department of Defense (DoD) to which EHR will be selected for the DHMSM contract award.  Currently, Epic  is the favorable party for the contract award.  Epic has long been noted as not being an “interoperable” EHR.  This thought process has been so rampant that Epic hired a lobbying firm on Capital Hill to rehab their image of not playing well with other EHRs. So what do we know about this weeks decision on the EHR that will be the DoD’s new “forever” EHR.

While the word on the street is Epic, what do we know right now that supports this theory?

  • Epic has partnered with data powerhouse IBM to use enterprise analytics to produce outcomes that are more predictive and beneficial to patient care.
  • Epic-IBM is working with current, long-term, Epic health system clients to see what an Epic install would look like for a Veterans Affair’s (VA).  Currently this is Multicare.
  • With the before mentioned, the DoD has selected the Puget Sound to be the pilot for the EHR implementation for the selected vendor.  This would include eight facilities with more than 7,000 employees.  It should also be noted that Seattle is one of the oldest “Epic towns” in the U.S.  Such notable Epic clients: Multicare, Swedish, Providence Health, University of Washington, Everett and Lakeshore Clinic.
  • Currently SentraCare in Virginia is working with the DoD to interface current health information systems to Sentra’s EHR instance.
  • Judy Faulkner has created a Foundation; mission objective:  keep Epic Systems private after her expiration.  Epic is a privately held company owned by Faulkner and her employees; unlike that of Cerner and AllScripts.
  • A “not willing to share” reputation of Interoperability on Capital Hill prompts Epic to hire a lobbying firm to change this thought process (as mentioned above).
  • Epic has roughly only 300 clients but represents over 50 percent of all patient records in the U.S.  Clients are also large health systems like Kaiser Permanente, Baylor, New York Hospitals and Health Corporation and the University of California.  These Epic client system instances are linked via Epic’s CareEverywhere that allows patient information to be sent to other Epic system instances.

With all of that being said, I wonder….who will the DoD select as their new “Forever EHR”?   ~ RCM