“On The Road to DHMSM” Series – Announcement of an Announcement

Denver, Colorado:  At The Health Summit (iHT2) in Denver this week, leaders from healthcare organizations across the country came together to discuss the ever evolving role of Health Information Exchanges (HIE).  This year at the iHT2 summit the biggest topic was interoperability and the focus of information collaboration, as reported by HealthCare Informatics.  Much of the interpretability we have today is driven by HIEs that communicate patient information and statistics to other HIEs; many by state run exchanges.

In an interoperability panel this past Tuesday morning, Chief Information Officers (CIO) from the University of Colorado, Centura Health and Relay health joined the Colorado Regional Health HIE (CORHIO) and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Evans U.S. Army Hospital.  The panelists discuss the success of CORHIO sharing information that follows the patient as they receive care.  They also have connected with Kansas’ State HIE; successfully sharing patient information in a very seamless manner.

The CIO of Relay Health brought up the topic on how the current consolidation and mergers of health systems possibly questions the need for HIEs.  Joe Preiss, CTO of Evans U.S. Army Hospital discussed how the the Navy, Army and Air Force have quintessentially used HIEs for over a decade now as part of providing care to wounded service men and women.  Preiss continues by stating the armed services have effectively been working in silos and are in the midst of readying for change.

“And the Defense Health Agency is trying to take that next, serious step, to create something more comprehensive. We’re also about to take on a new EHR, which will be announced next week,” says Preiss.  Did Preiss accidentally let the metaphorical cat out of the bag announcing that there would be an announcement about the Department of Defense’s (DoD) final EHR selection?  It sure seems like it, but it was quickly forgotten about as the panel continues their conversation on HIEs and interpretability.

I also want to point out that the three health systems that each CIO represents on this panel are Epic Clients.  Even more interesting is the fact that 75% of those attending the iHT2 conference in Denver also are Epic Clients.  Could Preiss’ announcement of an announcement and the attending indicate that next week’s announcement will be the selection of Epic Systems Corporation EHR for the DHMSM project?  I guess we will have to wait to find out.  ~ RCM

Epic Clients in Attendance at iHT2 2015 Conference:

  • University Of Colorado
  • Centura Health
  • Relay Health
  • Catholic Health Initiatives
  • Denver Health
  • Fairview Health System
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • UPMC
  • University of Utah
  • Yale New Haven Health System